Jaime & Susie LLinas

Jordan LLinas RHP, CY-Woods Class of 2016

Our daughter, Jordan, has been taking pitching lessons with Coach Kendra for five years now.  We have seen her grow as a pitcher year after year. Since Jordan was a late starter as a pitcher, most of the “good” teams overlooked her initially due to lack of experience. Coach Kendra always knew that she had it in her to compete with the best, and she gave her the confidence and the tools she needed to get to where she is today – a contender in Houston.  Coach Kendra has taught our daughter everything from mound presence to reading hitter’s weaknesses to pitching in/off the plate. She is by far the best pitching coach that our daughter has ever had. One thing is certain, Coach Kendra brings knowledge and experience in the art of pitching, as well as smiles from her players because of the powerful impact she has on their games and their lives. We have also seen Coach Kendra grow as a coach. From giving pitching lesson’s in front of her house through tornados and mosquito’s to a fine facility in the heart of Waller. For Coach Kendra, this is the beginning of a long journey. We are confident that in a couple of years from now, she will have one of the top elite pitching facilities in the country. We are just blessed to have her as our daughter’s pitching coach for two more years.

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