Hello! I’m Kendra Pate, Founder of MVP Pitching located in Waller, Texas.  I have been a pitching instructor to young ladies ages 8-18 for over 15 years. Teaching pitching is beyond my passion, it’s my purpose. When I am not focused on my family, my focus is on learning and training my students to be the best they can be. 

The Beginning

Growing up my dad subscribed to Fastpitch World Magazine, he brought me to the best pitching coaches, who at the time were Robert Andaya and Mr. Tooley on the North side of Houston, he videoed my lessons on his huge 100lb VHS equipment, he traveled all over the country with my teams, he took me to A&M camps every summer but the one thing he couldn’t do for me was find a qualified female pitching coach. He actually did find a former college pitcher but she was not trained and literally said two words to me the whole lesson. I loved her but did not love the lesson. This was the first time I realized that just because someone was good at their craft doesn’t mean they know how to teach it.  I knew there had to be others out there like me looking for a female influence, someone who had been there and could share their experience, someone who had done it and could relate to “feeling” a pitch. In the 90’s after watching Debbie Doom pitch I remember thinking I want to teach girls to pitch like her. She was the best pitcher I’d ever seen besides Shawn Andaya and reading about Lisa Fernandez & Michele Granger in my Fastpitch magazine. I have no idea how my dad knew she was playing in Houston, there was no internet so I’m assuming there was an ad or schedule in our softball magazine.  I was so inspired by her in the circle and even more inspired listening to her talk pitching with my dad. 



In 1996 I began my collegiate softball career pitching for Alvin Community College and later transferred to Nicholls State University. I will never forget being in my apartment my senior year in college and praying to someday become a coach and mentor to young ladies.

Founding of MVP and years of studying pitching

In 2004 I founded MVP Pitching and I’ve been studying the pitching motion ever since. ’04-’08 I trained students at Breakaway Speed in Houston. 2007-2011 I coached travel ball for the Houston Power Organization, attended numerous softball conferences and trained with any pitching coach in the country that would have me. In ’06 & ’07 I received certification through Club K, under now NPF Commissioner, Cheri Kempf. ’08-’11 I trained students at Dyess Park and Jacobs. In 2010, in addition to doing lessons in my front yard with a 2 year old in a playpen, I opened the doors to my first MVP location in Waller, TX. Around 2010 a former college pitcher came on to the scene and made a huge impact as a role model for young pitchers. For the first time in several years, in what was formerly dominated by male coaches, it was a nice shift towards females empowering each other and I knew I made the right decision years prior.  2015 I had the opportunity to coach a standout pitcher committed to TAMU. Training this type of athlete who is so intense and so driven motivated me to step up my coaching game.

Game Changer

In 2016 Denny Tincher changed the pitching world as I knew it. I had no idea there was anything outside of the traditional pitching views. The more I studied, the better my students became.  In my 15 years of coaching I still don’t know it all but I look forward to 15 more years of learning. I love people, I love my MVP’s and I love teaching. I am currently a Tincher Pitching Instructor In-Training, expecting to be certified by the end of 2019.

August ’19 I updated with the added recruiting feature to better serve my students. I am also launching No Excuse Athlete University. The goal of NEAU is to inspire MVP’s to be confident using their voice, to be accountable for their future, to make no excuses, and empower them to become leaders.


Married to my soulmate for 16 years. 3 amazing boys that I love more than life itself. Jett (11), Steele (8), Beau (3). We love riding ATV’s, hunting and growing our own food. We live on 6 acres in Waller and love country living.

Other Facts:

-I have attended 4 WCWS in OKC, 3 with my dad, one in memory of my dad. My favorite by far was ’06 & ’07 watching Taran Mowatt’s backhand change up.  Also saw Lisa Fernandez and Cat O bring it at the World Cup.

-My dad was a pitching coach for many years after I graduated. He coached his nieces daughter who pitches for Deer Park HS. All of his students loved him.

-’07 I was on an Academy Sports and Outdoors commercial. My 5 seconds of fame was not as a pitcher but as a hitter. It wasn’t pretty.

-’07 I traveled to China with a softball team. They played in Nanjing, Beijing and Shenzhen. Besides Mexico this was my first trip out of the US. I climbed Pagoda’s and to the top of the Great Wall of China. My culinary horizon’s were broadened.

-’14 I coached a team in Italy. We played in Milan, Rome and Florence. I dream of Italy daily.

-’16 Erna Carlin became the first MVP Pitcher to win a PGF National Championship. 

-Some of my students have played for my former pitching coach, Ken Delcambre, at Galveston College or Alvin CC.

-Summer ’19 2 of my former students were forecasted to go in the top 5 of the NPF draft. Both ended up playing professionally overseas.

-August ’19 Christina Biggerstaff became my first former student to become a college pitching coach. She is currently the PC at the University of Charleston.

July ’20 I’m taking a team to Australia!




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