Margaret Biggerstaff


Christina Biggerstaff came to Coach Kendra the beginning of her freshman year of high school.  We had several pitching coaches before her and because of the manner in which they taught she only had a fastball and a semi-working change-up.  Christina always had the “power behind her pitches” but was lacking in controlling the ball.  Christina could really relate to Coach Kendra because she had pitched in college herself and knew first-hand the mental hurdles that needed to be overcome.  Christina and Coach Kendra clicked immediately on a personal level, so Christina would listen and do what she said unlike when her Father would suggest the same things when they would practice.  If you could ask Christina – she would say “Coach Kendra has helped me so much on my journey into becoming a strike-out pitcher with a killer mental attitude”.  Coach Kendra also helped Christina believe in herself when everyone else didn’t.  Except her Mother of course!  Her speed, accuracy and spins have improved tremendously with Kendra’s help.  Most importantly, Christina would not be going to Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2014 without all the help and support Kendra has given her over the last 4 years.  Christina once told me that Coach Kendra taught her to never let people knock you down.  Have a mental game like a tank getting shot at and work hard to achieve your dreams. Coach Kendra’s fire and passion for the game of softball would always pull Christina out of a slump.  So, if you are looking for an instructor who adapts to your needs instead of forcing you to fit what they want, who knows how to teach pitching focusing on the mechanics to avoid later injuries, drills, spinning the ball, speed, teaches her about the whole game of softball and encourages your daughter to set goals and will be there to support her, if she can, in person at a game or by an encouraging text, then Coach Kendra would definitely be the pitching coach you are looking for.

Coach Kendra will be greatly missed when Christina goes off to college………

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